Essai longue durée fiabilité

La marque Australienne qui distribue la marque ASIAWING a eu le droit à un essai de longue durée (9 mois) dans des conditions difficiles et voici l’article :


@P@ 1 162 | JANUARY 2014 I recently took the Odes MCF250E out for a run with a few of my mates at one of my favourite local riding spots and it handled everything the trails could dish up. The boys were asking a lot of questions about the bike and one thing that kept coming up was “it looks good”. I must say that the black rims, Kenda tyres and the black plastics do give the bike a good look, more than the price tag would suggest. The stickers are good quality and I haven’t managed to hose them off yet with my high pressure cleaner, something I am very good at. We put it through a typical trailride situation with long hillclimbs, tight technical singy and fl owing fi re trails, and it handled everything with ease. I was impressed with the amount of torque the bike has. It seems to tractor up hills effortlessly. After a 73km blast through the bush, I can report that the Odes came through unscathed. The next assignment was our long-term photo shoot. Things were all going well until I went to turn the bike around for another shot and it decided to stop running; no lights on the dash and no spark. Luckily I was close to the carpark and was able to get it back to the ute for inspection. Our resident technical guru, Oly Malone said it was probably an electrical fault and has taken it upon himself to fi nd the fault and fi x it for me. What a guy! I am sure it is not a big problem, but keep an eye out next issue when Oly reveals where the problem came from and how he fi xed it. Since last issue I have done a couple of mods to the Odes. As mentioned previously the grips and handlebar needed some customising to suit my riding style, so I decided to cut the ’bar down by 30mm each side and also added some Scott Grips. These grips are a softer style and also come with grip donuts, which I fi nd very comfortable and for $16 they’re money well spent. Our next mission on the Odes will be the ADB Queensland Industry Ride Day up

@P@ 1 THE BACK END | LONG TERMERS 162 | MARCH 2014 Last week I took the ODES out for a weekend blat at a mates farm. He had built a new grass track and I can proudly say after several hours ripping up the fresh turf everything is still holding up well. All I had to do was put fuel in it! As mentioned in the last issue of ADB I am looking at modifying the suspension to stiffen up the front and rear. The front is a little soft and would probably benefi t from a revalve and a new set of springs. I am taking the ODES out to local suspension guru Terry Hay, from Shock Treatment, to see what he comes up with. Terry watches you ride around his track and then makes adjustments to suit your style. A great way to get the correct set-up to suit your ability. I will report back next issue on the difference and cost of the set up. A lot of people have asked me what does it feel like to ride, and how does it feel different to other bikes? Once again you have to remember you are only paying $5000 for the ODES and as I have said in the past you actually get a lot of bike for the low price tag. I can’t knock the reliability of the ODES up to this point. We did have an electrical fault, but that was caused by a simple wire being caught in the steering stem which ended up costing me just $1.60 for a new fuse. One thing I have liked is the new, snappier throttle we fi tted last month, which has made winding the throttle on and off easier, consequently making the power feel more responsive than it originally was... even though technically it isn’t! It enables me to fi nd power quicker, espescially when coming out of corners. While the handling and power isn’t on par with the other 250Fs in its class, we are impressed with its durability and reliability so far. I’ve made a few changes to the ergos, but the engine and starter is easy to use and works fi rst time every time. Brian Vegh ODES MCF250E TOTAL HOURS 16 MODS THIS

@P@ 1 THE BACK END | LONG TERMERS My next mission for the Odes was to put it to the test in the most technical pieces of trail we could fi nd. A couple of mates of mine, both on KTM 450 EXC-Fs, and our very own Editor Mitch Lees, aboard his long-term big booty Husaberg FE 501, took to the local trails of the Watagan State Forest north of Sydney. One small problem; I left the key for the Odes at home. This has happened to a mate of mine in the past and we are still taking the piss out of him to this day. If this has happened to you then you know the feeling. You have all your gear on and ready for a great ride and then that “oh, crap” feeling. Kind of like locking yourself out of home or being stranded somewhere waiting for help. There is always a way out of every situation and our very own bush auto electrician Mitch took control of the situation. All we had to do was take off the front number plate and bypass the start key. We joined the two wires and off we went. To say I was relieved is the understatement of 2014. We started off on some pretty easy single trail and worked our way up to a very famous section of track known as The Concrete Strip. For those of you who know it you will be well aware that it is challenging and can break any bike or rider easily. Not the Odes! The other guys made light work of the technical section and then it was my turn. I made it halfway up the climb and then struck trouble, fl ipping the Odes and watching it bounce about fi ve metres down the hill. As I watched on in horror I heard Mitch laughing, “Oooohhh, that was a big one!” Once composed I made my way back down to the bike to inspect the damage. The fi rst thing I thought was the clutch or brake levers would be gone, but both survived the incident and were in perfect working order. The handguards supplied by Odes Australia did the trick. In fact, the only noticeable damage was a cracked speedo (which was still working), a small dent in the

@P@ 1 APRIL 2014 | 159ODES MCF250E Odes MCF250E Accessories Alloy bash plate Alloy radiator braces Alloy rear brake master cylinder guard Billet alloy triple clamps 7 series grade Pro-7 series rims with 7 series billet hubs (black rims with red hubs) in 21, 18, and 19in Alloy exhaust pipe (already fi tted to your bike) same as ADR less restrictors 13L fuel tank Alloy rear carry rack Keihin 39mm FCR pump carburettor Race ignition system (increases RPM levels) Alloy/Plastic handguards (standard) Motard 17-in rim and tyre sets 290mm & 320mm front disc rotor sets Nissin hydraulic brake system front and rear Airbox modifi cation DB0414p159_ LTTB - 156 2014-02-13T14:42:05+11:00

@P@ 1 THE BACK END | LONG TERMERS 154 | JUNE 2014 After a solid nine months of riding in all sorts of terrain, we’ve had to admit defeat – we couldn’t kill the Odes MCF250E. It’s been ridden in every variety of snot, taken up the killer Concrete Strip in the Watagan State Forest north of Sydney, and crashed repeatedly, but enough’s enough, we’re sending it back to Down Under Dirtbike Sales in Toowoomba, Qld – we’re beaten. Our major objective when we decided to add the bike to our long- term test fl eet was to see how reliable a $5000 bike from China would be and see how much abuse it could handle. The fi rst test was our annual industry ride in the Otway Ranges, Vic. This is a ride we have been running for the last fi ve years and is a great day out with all the industry big wigs. The terrain is some of the toughest in Australia and can challenge even the best riders. Long hillclimbs and tight fl owing singletrack make for a very interesting day out. Naturally, the industry hotshots show up on some of the trickest bikes available, but the Odes held its head high. The only problem was the stock chain, which stretched rapidly over the fi rst few hours. Once adjusted on the trail we were back in the saddle and off again. It’s also been out with ADB Editor Mitch Lees who was on the fi re-breathing Husaberg FE 501 and a couple of mates on KTM 450  EXCs. Being a Chinese machine, the Odes cops a fair bit of criticism from those who have never actually laid eyes on one. The MCF250 and 450 do bare a fairly strong resemblance to Honda’s CRF250X and 450X enduros, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Questions about its reliability and performance, along with what is going to break fi rst, all get dropped into the conversation. As you would have read in these pages, the Odes has been able to handle most of the challenges and the damage that we did see was only minor bits and pieces. T

@P@ 1 JUNE 2014 | 155Odes turns 10 Odes has been in Australia since 2004, when the fi rst EX400 Cattleman quad was imported by Outback Motors. The Chinese conglomerate behind the brand makes a wide range of products, including scooters, with the MCF250E and 450E being at the top of their motorcycle range.The 2014 models have arrived, with the 250 going up marginally to $5290 plus on-roads. While the stock bike is reasonably well equipped, Odes is offering a range of goodies for upgrades.In addition to the bashplate, radiator braces and master cylinder guard (see main story), Odes has billet triple clamps, ($399), a composite rear sprocket ($88) and race exhaust ($189). If you really want more mumbo then replacing the stock Dellorto with a prejetted Keihin FCR carb ($489) is the go. You can even get heavy duty wheels with billet hubs, and a motard wheel set with tyres for just $899. DB0614p155_ LTTB - 154 2014-04-11T08:56:06+10:00